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Alapine Community Association, Inc. "ACA"

The ACA is a non-profit 501c3 organization working to help the Alapine Community. Funding is obtained from donations and fundraisers. Much of the work is done by the residents who live in Alapine.

Objectives and Purposes

The specific objectives and purposes of this corporation shall be to:

  • Recognize the special needs of the Alapine Community because residents and lot owners are primarily over 50 years of age with the majority living alone, and because it is rural and geographically isolated from county and state services and resources;

  • Provide advocacy in issues of developmental and environmental concerns;

  • Organize community volunteers to provide such help as: transportation and advocacy to doctor’s offices and hospitals; meals when someone is ill or injured; pet care and other personal assistance when needed;

  • Organize cost-cutting projects like buying through a co-op and car- pooling;

  • Provide education and seek resources for: maintaining good physical and mental health; keeping necessary legal paperwork up to date; and keeping community members informed about resources available, such as hospice and home health care;

  • Maintain the building used as a community center, expanding our program to include an adult day-care center;

  • Engage in other activities related to serving the health, education, and advocacy needs of Alapine Community members.

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