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Key Decisions

For quick reference, this page provides a list of key decisions that have been made and the date each one was made. This only contains decisions since 9/1/2023. We are working to add items from the rest of 2023 and 2022.

  • 12-12-23 Pat's House - To accept Beverly’s offer and authorize the Board to do whatever is legally necessary to ensure Bev receives the property with the following understandings. 1. ACA agrees to surrender the bequest 2. ACA receives $10,000 upon sale of property 3. Beverly covers all closing costs and legal fees 4. Beverly, not Pat’s estate, receives the property 5. ACA will not place any further claim against the estate 

  • 12-12-23 Pat's House - When legal document is accepted by the board a copy will be attached to the minutes of the board.

  • 12-12-23 Room Rental Fee Change - Return to $50 and $60 room rental

  • 12-12-23 Voting process - Decisions at membership meetings made by majority vote of the members present. (Note: Consensus minus one voting was rejected at this time - by this vote. Rationale is that we need more trust and connection before using consensus minus one voting)

  • 11-9-23 Bylaws - ACA will adopt a new set of bylaws.

  • 10-12-23 Voting process - Voting thumbs up or thumbs down with majority rule

  • 10-12-23 Lesbian Connection Ad - To be renewed as is for now. Jan will send check. Cost apron $217 annual. “NE ALABAMA: Lesbian Village. Rooms for overnight guests. Shared kitchen, outdoor adventures close by. Lots/houses for sale. LOO. “

  • 10-12-23 Event Annoucements - Rand will maintain and send out event announcements.

  • 10-12-23 Inquiries - Barbara Lieu will try to send out the Inquiries list quarterly.

  • 9-7-23 New Board Structure - Co-Chairs, Donette Tyrell and Ruby Bienert, Co-Treasurers Grace Lawson and Jan Smith, Recording Secretary, Rand Hall​

  • 9-7-23 Water Hookup - Payments to SHEEBA will be paid by ACA under agreement with Barbara L,

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