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Committee Work

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Committees - Hospitality, Building, Policy & Procedures, ByLaws, Website, Other Items

Hospitality Committee - ?(Point Person), Ruby, Susan

  • 12-17-23 Email from Ruby

  • 12-17-23 Renter​ Information Sheet

  • 12-12-23 Reservations Ruby will answer emails re room rental and forward to right person with the “to do” list. Ruby will send a copy of the list to include with the minutes. 

  • 12-12-23 Resident Host: Susan Seago agreed to be Resident Host to continue follow up correspondence, arrange clean pre and post, arrange for greeter, collect balance due etc. as proposed by Ruby. 

  • 12-12-23 Clean up person does not do laundry - drop it off at Susan’s

  • 9-7-23 Ruby checks ACA email everyday to contact visitors, and booking requests; volunteers needed to greet and do linens for upcoming visitors; meet-n-greet coordination; Susan volunteered to do laundry after guests, but will not come get it or bring it back; Char will greet RV women (Lisa & Vickie); Barbara L will continue sending notes to potential buyers off of, request wording from donation to fee;

Building Committee - ?(Point Person), Char, Susan, Layla

  • 12-17-23 Susan and Char agreed to pay attention to the condition and needs of the building through the seasons and be the point persons to speak to about problems. They will refer issues to the right person for action.

  • 12-17-23 Char will check on the building IF she has a list of what needs watching.

  • 12-17-23 Patricia detected propane leak. Jan bought new propane heater, Jon installed - 

  • 12-17-23 Char will check on the building IF she has a list of what needs watching. She will ask Torii, Reesa and Jan to help her create a list

  • 12-17-23 Char, Susan, Layla will propose health and safety guidelines for all users of the Center. 

  • 12-17-23 Layla will survey the community about scent sensitivities.

 Policy & Procedures Committee - ?(Point Person), Susan, Char

  • 12-17-23 Susan is ill. No report, tabled until next month

Bylaws Committee - Rand (Point Person), Susan, Grace

  • 12-17-23 Susan is ill. No report, tabled until next month

Website Committee - ?(Point Person) - Grace

Other Items Being Considered/Discussed

  • Community Security: (Char) windstream can add cameras to the gate $60 install + $10 per month - no decision at this time

  • A Hospitality/fun volunteer each month

  • Long Term Room Rental - (Donette, Patricia, Linnea, Jan S, Char, Reesa) Presented by Susan (Donette, Patricia, Linnea, Jan S, Char, Reesa, Susan) Recomendations: charge $600 or more per month, plus first and last, Guest will have to keep it clean as if ACA will have a meeting, eviction in Alabama can be a problem. Susan will check on insurance. 

    • Suggestions in discussion if along term rental is approved: - add # of guests and length of visit a renter may have - time frame for ending a guests rental - for first year all money go to ACA - must have been a previous guest - needs more clarification on use of funds, maybe for buying more lots at Alapine - if long term guest has a long term guest, raise rent - have you looked into the insurance - focus should be on women wanting to build community, importance of fund to honor “blood sweat and work” of women that have been here - separate the long term rental from use of funds - cost to operate ACA building for one year is currently $3,619. or $300 a month.

    • Lower rate for residents, builders and their guests

  • Washer & Dryer at Center - presented by Char (Char & Reba)

    • ​Char says she and Reba willing to purchase a washer & dryer with expectation that they be paid back by users. They will look at prices. Concerns: - very small water heater so consider limiting to cold water wash, hours they can be used, no large items, who can use and when, ACA use for Center linens, increase in utilities cost

  • floor can not hold weight so building needs foundation work

  • Resolution of Pat’s house

  • Layla suggests a donation button on website (FYI, website already has a donation button)

  • Longterm Neighbor Seniority Club - Caring communication practices and strategies by Layla and Donette (Layla said she would consider offering a clearing circle) -

  • Funds and investment plan- Donette

  • Mobile cafeteria

  • Proxy voting beyond elections

  • Rand and Char had taken on the cost of the monthly water bill ($30), by doing the brunch, but they stopped that event after 4 months, Rand said they will continue in the future;

Policy & Procedures
Other Items
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